Contact Priority

Hi Ross,
Today we found that if a student’s parent and guardian has the same level of contact priorities, for example if the father is number one contact priority and the mother and guardian set to two, it views the student’s name twice on the students list when we run the active student SQL and on search student page
[URL]/index.php?q=/modules/Students/student_view.php when we tick “All students” option.

Is it possible for a student to have two persons as their first or second contact priority without having their name twice in the student’s list when we run the active student SQL?

Hello. Interesting question! The design of the interface is intended to limit the priorities to one each for CP1 and CP2, and to then allow multiple CP3 as needed. The intention here is to allow the system to ascertain, in a consistent and reliable manner, the main contact person.

I am curious as to how you have managed to get multiple CP1 or CP2 parents. Was that via the front end or the backend?

It would be possible to do what you want, but there would be major knock-on effects across the system, as many parts are predicated on being able to consistently and reliably single out one contact parent.


Hi Ross,
We entered all this through the Frontend, if by that you mean our secretaries working on the Gibbon web interface. So somehow they were able to enter 2 contacts for a family as CP2.
We are not interested in having multiple people at the same level of Contact Priority, just reporting on what happened.

We have also noticed that the queries used by the PHP scripts are assuming that CP1 and CP2 are always the parents. Is that by design? We actually have several families that prefer a designated guardian to be the CP1, that is not a parent, because the parents are not here… :confused:


OK, seems like something has gone wrong in the front-end controls then. Can you please try and establish a set of steps through which I can recreate the problem?

Within a family you can set various parental/gaurdian roles to show the relationship between a student and their caregiver. In the interface we use Parent as a shorthand for Parent/Guardian/Carer, for brevity. Does this cause any issues? You can still represent the data you need, and it is available in the student profile, under the Family section…


Hello, yes we work through the front-end. Yesterday just for testing, I added a person to a family which already has the mother as CP1 and father as CP2, as soon as i added the CP1 somehow it pushed the mother become CP2, but not make the CP2 before become CP3, so there are two person as CP2 i think that was make the student’s name comes up twice on the students list when we run the SQL.

krumiantari, OK, seems like this is a bug. I have logged it on our v14 Trello board, and will update this post when it is fixed. In the meantime, please can you make sure you set these values distinctly to avoid this issue? Thanks! Ross.