Consecutive Absences not reporting anything

I’ve noticed that the consecutive absences feature never seems to give data. I have some students who have not attended school for long periods of time (not listed as an upcoming absence either), but they do not show up on the consecutive roster. Nothing shows up, in fact, no matter how narrow the scope.

Perhaps this has been addressed in a more recent version, but this is what I’m seeing at the moment. I’ve attached a sample student who has not been present as an example.


Hi @cSanders thanks for the heads up, there was indeed a bug, which I’ve now fixed for v27. You can apply the same fix by going to your modules/Attendance/moduleFunctions.php script and changing context to gibbonAttendanceLogPerson.context in lines 41 and 48. Hope this helps, thanks for catching this!

Very easy fix, thanks! All working now.

More reason to update to a new server ASAP.