Connection timeout

Hello everyone,

I am getting some complaints from students using iPads that the timeout message “Log out” or “Stay connected” is difficult to dismiss quickly.

On iPads it is often necessary to zoom in to a portion of the screen. This means the timeout message will appear off screen and one has to scroll around to find it which interrupts the learning flow.

I am thinking perhaps the entire screen could be clicked/tapped to escape the message and “stay connected”. Can someone point me in the right direction, or help me find what file contains this function?

Thank you,


Hi FV,

A quick fix is to increase the length of your timeout. Check out the Session Duration field in System Settings, and take note of the accompanying description that the value "Should be less than PHP’s session.gc_maxlifetime option. You can, of course, increase session.gc_maxlifetime.

Moving forward we are working towards make Gibbon mobile responsive (all the current object oriented refactoring work is to make this an achievable next step), which will hopefully resolve this issue.

Hope this helps,


I still think it would be convenient to be able to click outside the dialog box to escape the impending doom even on “normal” computers. I would be willing to fish around to see if this can be done but it seems to be part of jquery rather than Gibbon.

But delaying the timeout is a good alternative for now.

Thank you Ross!


I think you are right, but I’m not sure we’ve got time to look into it. You are right, it is jquery. Do you want to dig around and see what you can find?



Well, I already did a little digging and I am thinking that an on-click event applied to whatever is blocking the page might do the trick. I found a code pen that shows the javascript.

It does look solvable.