Confirmation email to parents/student upon accept

Hi folks,

I realized today that parents don’t get an email, when the child has been accepted. All the parent gets is a welcome notification with the login details.

Wouldn’t it be useful to send a message with enrolment data incl. classes, etc.?

Am I missing something here?

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Nobody? :slight_smile:

Busy times! It never hurts to keep in mind Gibbon is open source, supported in our personal time, on top of full time jobs :sweat_smile: It’s also the end of the school year and end of the development cycle for Gibbon v18.

I suspect one reason this may not already exist is many schools handle this process differently: my school for example needs to send this to all accepted parents at the same time by email and SMS, rather than one-by-one when accepting applications. I notice Ross has tweaked the Application message target in v18, so this may also be one of the available tools for sending acceptance info, but wouldn’t necessarily be personalized with student enrolment data.

It sounds like you’ve been getting familiar with the v17+ core, if this is a particular feature you’d like to work on for the next version we’re happy to offer some support and code review.


Hi Sandra,

Wow, I wasn’t aware of that! I was assuming that you are given time by your employer to work on Gibbon. After all it’s a solution that is to some extent tailored to his needs.

Sending a customized SMS/email out upon acceptance does make sense to me. To find time implementing this may be an issue tho :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks a lot for your explanations. Things are clearer now!

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