Configurable Options for the Reports Module PDF Generation

Every time I have to generate reports and I update Gibbon I have to add a couple of lines of code to the MpdfRenderer.pdf in order to get Korean text to show properly (not as missing symbol glyphs). I don’t know if this affects anyone else, or if it’s specific to Korean, but it might be nice to have this as either the default option or a checkbox in the report configuration.

These are the three lines that I add to MpdfRendered (line 219, after the $config block):

    $config['autoLangToFont'] = true;
    $config['autoScriptToLang'] = true;
    $config['useAdobeCJK'] = false;

Hi tr_james, that’s interesting to hear! I’ll add it to the development list for v23, I’ll test if we can have it on by default (if it impacts the render speed), otherwise I’m sure we could add it as a setting. Thanks for the suggestion :smiley: