Conditional fields

There is a way to add conditional fields (from custom fields) in the Application Form for students?

Thanks in advance.

What is a conditional field? Can you give an example?

For example:

The field in the student application form that ask “How do you heart about us?” and when you select some option, then appear a text field where you must describe the situation.

The second field is conditional, it depends for the first field.

Then, i want to create fields like those in the student application form.

Good question. Currently the custom fields don’t have an option to make them conditional on another field. This is a capability that the form class has in PHP, but it would require additional coding to connect it up to the custom fields options. Our core team has its hands full with some major refactoring work, but if you’re interested or inclined to try your hand at making these coding changes, we’re always happy to review and accept code contributions. Thanks!

If i could do it believe me that i’ll do it and share it xD

Thanks for response.