Concurrent users that can log-in at the same time: How many users ideal, How many users maximum.

Good day Admin!

May I know if there is a maximum number of users that can log-in simultaneously at a time? I need to know so that I can adjust with the hardware requirements as well as Hosting and security requirements.
I tried to search if there are any existing previous discussions regarding number of users that can log in but can’t find one.

Again, thank you very much for this wonderful system.
Rady Jacer

Hi Rady,

Thanks for your kind words : )

We’ve not done any stress testing on this front, and have never run into any concurrency issues. At ICHK we run Gibbon on a dedicated server, quad-core Intel Xeon, 32GB of RAM. We’ve got 3 Gibbon installations, and roughly 1,500 users, and we are generally below 5% CPU utilisation. In terms of concurrent users, we probably have 400-500 online during the school day.

I hope this helps.




Out School has around 4,900 students, from Kinder, Nursery, Grade1 to Grade 12.
Faculty and Personal are around 350.
Assuming only Grades 5 to 12 will use at home, that’s about 3,000 potential users.
This is very informative. I will include this data in my defense.

Again, thank you very much Ross for this prompt support.