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Ross. pardon by ignorance but what is a *nix machine? Iwas reading your instructions using the command line tool.


Good question : ) You are only ignorant if you don’t ask such questions…so your question is by definition not ignorant.

Unix, the grandaddy of our current operating systems, spawned a range of other Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, BSD, Dawin, etc. These systems arose due to Unix’s closed/commercial nature, which drove some, like Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds, to create open alternatives. Fortunately, these OSes tend to follow the POSIX standard and so all work in similar ways, with a high degree of interoperability. It is this collection of OSes that are commonly referred to as *nix as in wildcard-nix, or Unix-like, or variations of Unix. There is some great reading on this at:

In other words…you can make this stuff work almost everywhere…except Windows (which might need a different approach to cron, but should still be workable in some way).



OK thanks much. Very interesting. 

So in the Linux server that I am hosted on I can copy the command scripts and paste into the cron?


You don’t paste the content of the script into cron, just the path to the file. Follow the Using Cron example at the bottom of


Ok, thanks Ross. Will do some more research on this .

Dear Ross,

                How can we run cron a windows local server as XAMPP?