Collapsible in smartBlocks


i’m working on a big freeLearning Project and the first experience is great. But sometimes students need a small help. Is it possible to have something like a collapsible or anything else in the Block Content. If so, students could use it for help, if they stuck.
Would be great.

Stefan Goßrau

Hi Stefan,

This sounds interesting. By collapsible, do you mean a hidden hint that they can choose to reveal when stuck?

At the moment this can be dealt with, no exactly the way you want, but by placing hints in the Teacher’s Notes section, which teachers then can explain verbally to students.



hi Ross,

exactly what i mean, a hidden hint.

i will try it with an iframe and something like a notebook on
but something native would be much easier.

At the moment i am the only teacher for my freelearning project. that reduces possibilities for verbal help.

greetings and thanks from Berlin


Hi Stefan,

Great, we are on the same page : ) I’d like to check with @ross to see if this has any interest to her. Our issue at the moment is a lack of manpower, and so it needs a willing volunteer. I’m strapped for time, and I know Sandra is too. Are you willing to tinker with the code to see what you can do, or do you know any programmers who might be able to assist you?

Good luck with your Free Learning project : )


Hi Ross,

gibbon is some numbers to big for me to code. And i don’t know programmers for web-apps, sorry.
what i need is the possibility to write some advanced html/css code in the BlockContent.



Hi Stefan, unfortunately the block contents (and all other HTML fields) are processed to prevent harmful code, including JS, from being injected into the system. This means that the code has to be within the codebase, rather than user submitted. It would not be a massive change, but unfortunately @ross and I are both very busy at the moment. Perhaps we can circle back to it at some point, as it would be a useful feature. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Stefan. I think you may be able to use the html details` element to add this to your smart blocks with no additional scripting.

You would just need to add them as allowable tags for TinyMCE, which could be added via MySQL with something like:
UPDATE gibbonSetting SET value = CONCAT(value, ‘,details[style|class],summary[style|class]’) WHERE = ‘allowableHTML’;`

Hi Sandra,

what a great Hint. I made a short try. in phpmyadmin i watched the Settings-table. After that a added
and it worked.
Big thanks to you and Ross. Gibbon and all your work is great.