Cloud off-site backup options for VM hosted Gibbon

I run Gibbon for a small international school and we are looking for economical backup options. The Gibbon server runs in a VMware Ubuntu VM on the main school Windows 2016 server. The IT company is quoting over £4000 for 3 years to organise and manage backups, this seems crazy. Does anyone have any better and more economical suggestions?

Hello! That does sound pretty pricey to me. Although in many ways I am not an Amazon fan, Ubuntu has some solid AWS tools that can allow you to back files up to an AWS cloud account, and we’ve had good results with this over the past few years. It can be automated on the Ubuntu side using cron, is cost effective, and fairly easy to install:

DigitalOcean seems to offer something similar, and without subsidising anyone’s dreams of traveling to space ; )

Let us know how you get on.


Thank you so much, I will look into these options.

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I am going to try the AWS approach but there is a bit of a learning curve. Has anyone done anything similar or know where there is a step by step guide to follow for this. AWS is no help until you sign up and give credit card details.

Unfortunately yes, AWS will require an account and payment details before you can start using their API.

For my school, we use a cron task with a simple shell script that essentially does the following (after installing the API):

cd into a specific location where your backup is stored
delete the previous database backup (locally)
run the mysqldump command to backup the database into this folder
run the aws s3 sync command to sync the backup to the cloud