Clinics - View Only Permissions for Teachers.

Hi Ross,

I have enabled the View Clinics, Identify Priorities_department and Identify Priorities_viewOnly permissions for teachers. Unfortunately, the ViewOnly permission for teachers only works if I enable Identify Priorities_all, which also lets teachers edit priorities for other departments. Is this the way the module is supposed to function?

I assume that clinics are set up after departmental priorities have been identified.

Andy Richards, British West Indies Collegiate.

Hi Andy,

What you are seeing is not how the module was designed: the Identify Priorities_viewOnly should work on its own, with no other permissions needed, and should result in a read-only view like this:

I’ve tested this out with v1.9.01, and am seeing it working as expected.

What you might find is that if the teacher has the module loaded when you add the permission, they may need to leave the module and re-enter, in order to see the Identify Priorities option in their module sidebar.

Let us know if this helps. If not, please describe what you are seeing (or not seeing).



Thanks, Ross.

I did what you suggested and it didn’t work. However, if I remove the permission Identify Priorities_department (which I now realise is for a coordinator role not teacher) then I see what you have posted. It would be nice if departments can identify priorities themselves to save doubling the workload, but we are a small school and don’t have the number of students on roll that you do. I shall have to decide how best to use the module.