clickable timetable

Hi There

Since I have bought our gibbon system online, I have been asked about making the timetable clickable.
Has this request ever been made?

The benefits would be invaluable. Having the ability to click the session shown in the timetable, would then open up to show the teacher the room booked for that session and the students assigned to it, with the ability to take the attendance for that session.


All timetables are clickable giving access to planner and class.

Can you give an example where this is not working for you?

All time tables

Sorry, that was not helpful!

In each cell of the timetable, nothing happens when I double click it only selects the test I am clicking on.

Would a screenshot help?


Yeah, sure! :slight_smile:

Ok here you go

So as you can see when I click the cell nothing happens no matter where I click.


Hi Maritn, the name of the class is a link to that class’s page. The Plus icon is a link to that class’s planner. Other than that, content is not clickable. Is there any particular function you are looking for.

I am being asked by the staff why the elements of the time table are not clickable.

It has been suggested that when an element of the TT is clicked it should open up the register for those elements with details of the location. The only thing I can click on is in the cell is the + symbol and when I do I get “You do not have access to this action.” that also goes for the same of the “MY CLASSES” links. I can click on the group icon which takes me to the attendance register which we expect should happen when the TT cell is clicked

Hope this makes sense


only the + symbol is clickable in the time table grid

the name is not a link so it is not opeing up the class page

There are links in the righthand panel

but when they are clicked I get the following error

Is this a fault?

How do I fix it?


I have never seen this before! Had to look at the code to check what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Admin> User Admin> User Management> Manage Permissions:

Check the rights of your teachers of module ‘departments’. No clicks for you if you remove rights there. :slight_smile:

Not sure what they should be

Thanks for the input meierrom

That helped Fix the problem… B)

I have disabled a lot of modules that we are not using … yet!

So when I re-enabled the Departments module this gave me access to the department’s permissions.

Once I enabled the checkbox for both admin and teacher this enabled the link in the TT cell

Many thanks


Cool and you’re welcome. :slight_smile: