classes / times

Hey guys! I’m back here. When I have a student enrolled to a class, if that class has different times… For instance, one in the AM and one in the PM (different groups). How do I handle it? Also, how do you assing a class to a time column? Hope I am clear on this question, wasn’t sure on how to ask it and what title.

javiers, hello again! If they are different groups at different times, then they should be two different classes. The two classes should be in the same course (e.g. SC10 for Year 10 Science) but with different class codes (e.g. SC10.1, SC10.2).

If you have your timetable set up, you can go to Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Timetables, and edit your timetable. Then edit the timetable day, and then the period (which is supplied by the column). Here you can insert classes into periods.

There is an import feature in Manage Timetables that allows import from CSV, and that might save you some time. Open the attached template file (which only contains one row), using a text editor (not a spreadsheet) and you can see how a well formed import looks. Check out this guide, which is for students, but shows you how to prepare imports for Gibbon in general.

Good luck!


Thanks Ross, very clear!