Class Scheduling

After seeing some other student information systems, I’m seeing a feature that’s lacking in Gibbon. It seems that other systems allow you to create multiple class periods, and input the amount of seats available for the class. Then, when you go to schedule students into a class, it automatically chooses a class period for them, based on the number is seats left, and their other class selections. Would this be a feature that could be implemented into Gibbon?


Hi jcarney2024,

We don’t have this functionality built into the core, but there is a Course Selection module that may do some of what you’re looking for. It enables schools to run a course selection process, where students choose their courses, and then a script can look at the available classes for the upcoming year and fit students into classes so that the students have the least overlaps and conflicts, and the classes are as balanced as possible. It’s a privately developed module that is open for public use, but doesn’t have any documentation available at this time: