Class-related Activities

As I understand it, Activities are more like extra-curricular activities.  

I think it would be helpful if Activities could optionally be linked to a CourseClass – eg., for special seminars, field trips, etc.  Perhaps this could be done simply by adding a CourseClass field to the Activity table with some referential integrity. 

(Still trying to understand if we can use your system, but it has a lot of nice qualities…especially appreciate that the model is Person-Role based, as we have many folks in multiple roles and actually desire that our students rapidly become teachers themselves! ) 



Thanks for your post. I like the idea of linking an Activity to a course. However, at the moment all of our resources are tied up on other areas according to our roadmap for v11:

If you are keen to use Gibbon in production, I can add this feature to the v12 roadmap:

v12 is due to be released in June 2016, so a bit of a wait…but we are a small team trying to do big things, with a lot of priorities!

Really appreciate your input on the person-role model. This went into Gibbon very early on, and reflected frustration with most other systems in the education space.