Class name and short name

Hi Again,

I have another questions regarding Class Name and Short Name, which of these that will appear in student’s report??
Also is it possible to make the character length more than 10?
Right now we have limited character in Class name ( 10 max) and for Short name ( 5 max).
I think it would be nice if in student’s report, we can see the complete subject name, grade and level instead of just a short abbreviation of the subject name, grade and level.
Screen shot attached for your reference.


We’ve worked hard to get these lengths right so that they work in a range of contexts. It looks like you have build your course name into your class name as well, which might be why you have run out of space. The idea is that the course name (e.g. Year 7 Science or SC07 for short) is combined with the class name (e.g. 1) to give something like SC07.1, or the longer Year 7 Science, depending on the context.

My concern is that lengthening the fields will break certain parts of the system.

Does this make sense. Does it sound workable?