Class list export

Hi there.
I need some help please.
Teacher can export class list.
In that class list is included name and email.
How do i include a student address and parents name and phone?

You can use the Query Builder module to achieve this.

When you say class, do you mean the Home Room (Form Group), or the class as in the students taking a particular class (subject) with the teacher?

Where are your teachers currently going to export the class list?

Thanks for your replay.
I mean form group (class list).
Teacher if needed may export list of student in their form group.
We do not want teacher to have access to Query builder. They have mostly view (limited access)
Thank you.

Yes you can build the query for the teachers to run only, but not edit/modify.

You can include the student address and parents name and phone in the query.

Is it possible to set or make some changes that teacher can export class list or print group list as shown on pictures without letting teacher use Query builder please?
In this report i would like to have student First, Last Name, Address, DOB, parent and their phone number.