Clashes in timetable.


I would like to know how to handle clashes time tables.
Suppose TeacherA has a class on Sunday from 0700 to 0740 in Timetable1.
How does the Timetable Admins know that TeacherA is available or not for the same time on Sunday?

This is how our data looks.
Department: English(TeacherA, TeacherB), Matths(TeacherC), Science(TeacherA, TeacherD), etc
Course: English for Year 1, English for Year 2, Maths for Year 1, etc
Class: ENG-1A, ENG-1B, ENG-2A, MATH-1A, etc

To make it more clear;
I believe when I enroll TeacherA to ENG-1A, i shouldnt be able to enroll the same teacher for ENG-1B for the same period same day.
Or how do i know im making a clash?

I hope this makes sense.


Hi Ahmed,

The timetable system is both very flexible and very complex :sweat_smile: In cases like you’ve described, it doesn’t prevent certain actions because there may be a possible need for this use-case (and sometimes a human has a better sense of the timetable’s intention than the computer). For example, there are some schools that may have combined classes, where they have very small ENG-1A and ENG-1B classes, taught at the same time by the same teacher, but separated in the system to track which group each student belongs to. However, there is a Timetable > View Available Teachers page, which may help you in this case. It could help highlight which users are available for particular periods.