Changing Menu Items

Is there any way tho change the Main Menu item names? Like Events instead of Activities or Class Routine instead of Timetables for Student and Parent admin Panel? or for all ? 

Even an idea will help , Like which file i should change? I couldnt find the Menu or Nav anywhere.




At the moment this is not possible. You can use the Manage Modules interface (under Admin > System Admin) to change the main menu categories, but not to change the module names.

However, if you look at the v12 Todo document, you will see this would be made possible by item 31. This item has yet to be completed, but I hope that this will be addressed at our upcoming Hackathon ( So, with any luck, we will have this feature available in stable code in late June.



Thank you Ross, this is also helpful to me

How do change the module names?

@topon, changing the module name is very, very tricky and dangerous to do now, and I would not recommend it. Hopefully there will be an easy way to achieve this in v12. Ross

Thank you Admin