Change Menu

Hi… I want to change some of the menu name into some name that we already familiar with, as there is old teachers in my school and some just lack computer skill, as scared to click anything which don’t matter.?

As i try look into the source, i can’t find anything related to the menu. Have i look into the wrong directory ?

And one more thing, i like to take part in translation. As i think this program is good and more of school should use this program too. ??? Where should i apply?


Hi Syazwan,

Thanks for your kind words :smiley: We greatly appreciate translation support, and it helps more schools around the world to use Gibbon. Please email to let us know which language you’d like to help translate, and we’ll add you to the POEditor translation tool for Gibbon.

There are a few ways to modify the menu. The order of the top-level menu bar can be changed in System Admin > Display Settings. You can move a module to another menu category, or add a category, by editing the module in System Admin > Manage Modules and changing the Category.

If you need to rename an entire module or concept, for example to change the word Markbook to Gradebook, check out the System Admin > String Replacement option. This lets you change a word or phrase everywhere it shows up in Gibbon.

Thank you for answering, @ross . I try to look into that menu. ??