Change interface language to Español


I’ve been trying to change Gibbon interface language to Español, but no luck.

Here what I’ve tried:

Admin > System Admin > Manage Languages
There I chose “Español - Mexico”, is “active” and everything, in the user preferences is “Español - Mexico” as default language.

… But still interface is in English.

Any help will be truly appreciated.

Thanks beforehand.

Running Gibbon v22.0.01
PHP 7.4.21
MySQL 8.0.25
LAMP stack

Hello, Mike! There are three levels of changing your language in Gibbon - system wide, which you’ve already found, personal, and per session.

Your personal language can be changed in the Preferences menu, which can be accessed by hovering over your profile picture. The Personal Language field is in Settings.

You can also log into a Gibbon session with a language of your choosing by clicking Options in the Login box.

However, if one of these things is not working, it is likely that none of them will, and that there is a wider issue at play. Please have a look at our documentation, which provides some guidance on issues with multilingual Gibbon installs.

Hope this helps!

Hi there, and thank you for Gibbon,
I’m trying to get my head around Gibbon 23.0.02 on a Turnkey Debian based LAMP stack appliance.
Everything seems to work fine, but Translations don’t work for me.
I’ve installed the es_Es UTF 8 locale, my DB is set to UTF 8 collation I’ve even set the system locale on the Lampstack to es_ES as default (a thing you never should do, nor should have to do on a server).
Obviously, I installed the Spanish translation for Gibbon and set it as system default and user default for my test user. The translation file /i18n/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/ (644 KB) is present in my installation.
I even chose Spanish as default language at installation time at one point and added English later. No use.
The interface language simply doesn’t change. No matter if I try loading Gibbon in a private window or a different browser, to avoid cookie issues.
It speaks for itself, that I restarted Apache or the appliance between tries.
Even though I installed Gibbon without error and all dependencies met, I double-checked that php-gettext as well as the gettext binary are properly installed.
I hope anyone has any more ideas, as a Spanish interface is crucial for my use case.

Hi hanspumpel, that is unusual, as it sounds like you’ve taken every logical troubleshooting step. If you visit the System Admin > System Check page, are you seeing that everything is green and ok? Otherwise, I cant think of too many other things to try. Perhaps check the file permissions on the /i18n/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/ to see that it is readable by your web server. If you were to try and test a different locale, are any other ones not working too?