Change/ Editing other users profile

Hi Ross,

We are planning to give permissions to our secretary to change/edit other users profile. In “Manage Permission” page in which settings will allow her to do that?


Sorry i think my questions was too general.
We are planning to give permissions to our secretary to change/edit students/staff profile without giving her permissions to change the primary roles of the users.

The problem that we have now is : Manage Permissions >> User Admin at the very bottom page section>> untick the Manage users >> giving result secretary are not able to edit the user profile
If we are giving permission to secretary to Manage users >> giving result that secretary are able to change the primary roles of the students/staff which we don’t want that happen.

Is there any where in Manage Permission page which allow the secretary change the users profile but not including to change the users primary role? I attached here two screen shots for your references.

Ayu, at the moment this is not a distinction that the system makes available in User Admin. However, in People > Data Updates, you could grant permission for the secretary’s role to have access to the Update Personal Data_any action, in which case she can create update requests for the data (not including role) of any user. However, this request must then be approved by someone with the Personal Data Updates role (which the secretary could also have, still without access to roles). Hope this helps. Ross.

Yes, i did as per instructions, the problem is now after the secretary did some data updater, it says the administrator will process the request, from here as an administrator I was expecting i will get an email confirmation to approve her action, but i did not.
How can i approve her action? where should i go?

Ayu, whether you get an email or not depends on your notification settings in Preferences. But, either way, you should get a notification in the notification area:


Ah…okay got it! Thank you so much!