Change database name on Gibbon


I am trying to redirect the app to another database but I do not find the php file where I can rename the current database name to the new database name.

Which php file can I change the database name so i can connect to another database ?

Thanks for your kind feedback

Hi Dino,

This setting can be found in your config.php` file, which is created when you install, and located in your root Gibbon folder (same folder as index.php and many others)

Dear Sandra:
I got it. Thanks.
I am trying to have a bk of the gibbon site as well as the database.
However when i logging in the new (bk) site it is redirecting me to the original one.
It seems that the url where gibbon is installed is saved in some tables of the database.
Could you please let me know in which tables this url is saved?
Thanks in advance

Hi dino3000, well surmised! The tabel in question is gibbonSettings and you want to look in the rows with name=‘absoluteURL’ and name=‘absolutePath’. Cheers, Ross.

Mr. Admin,
I got it.
Thanks for your quick reply.

I do like being called Mr. Admin, but Ross works too ; )