CAUTION for Free Learning Module installation or upgrade

I downloaded the Free Learning 5.14.15 module for v21.0.00 from the extend page to update the module version we were using. I unzipped and installed the files, and ran the update, receiving 4 screens full of error messages. I have screenshots of those and will share if that helps.

In trying to fix the problem I checked that I had downloaded the proper version and not the 5.16.09 version that requires v22.0.00. I had downloaded the correct 5.14.15 zip file. But on unzipping and checking in the Free Learning directory inside, it had a version.php file with the entry $moduleVersion = ‘5.16.08’;

Fortunately, I had taken the advice on the install screen and made a snapshot of the database before doing the update. I suspect we can recover with no loss. I’ll try tomorrow morning, if needed. I was able to log back in as an administrator and disabled that module. Everything seems to work in other parts of the system. I just hope this posting keeps others from performing the upgrade until a replacement Free Learning module version is available.

Hi Glenn,

Sorry about this: I made a mistake in the release process. I’ve now fixed this, so please feel free to download v5.14.15 again. If you can double check the version number before uploading, and let us know that all is well, that would be great.

Hope this does not take up too much of your time!



@aylin I just wanted to alert you to the issue above. If you’d downloaded v5.14.15 to deploy, please download it again!

Thanks, Ross. I restored the snapshot, updated the module with the correct version, crossed my fingers and everything worked just as expected. THANKS!
(And a word to those doing any update, the snapshot feature is super easy – and can prevent a lot of pain! I’m very grateful for Gibbon’s reminder recommendation during the module update process!)

Great to hear Glenn, and we’ll do our best to avoid making that mistake again in future!