CATS Activation

Hi Guy,

Thanks for the good work of Gibbon pioneer, am new to Gibbon, can someone lead me step-by-step on how to activate CATS and other tests that were set as default with Formal Assessment Feature in Gibbon core.
Any assistant will be highly appreciated.


Hi Francis,

It is great to see that you’ve made it onto our forum : )

Gibbon comes pre-loaded with the ability to handle CATs, GCSE, A/AS Levels and IB Diploma data, within the External Assessment part of the Formal Assessment module. However, you can edit these assessments, or add further assessments by heading to Admin > School Admin > Manage External Assessments.

Once you’ve got the assessments set up the way you want them, go to Assess > Formal Assessment > External Assessment Data. Here you can click on any student, and then use the Add link to create a new record:

In the new record set the type as Cognitive Ability Test (E.g. CATs) and go from there:

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


Hi Ross,

Thanks for your response, as I told you in a third world developing country like ours it takes the grace of God to be resilenced without government policies, your information is of great value but is there a way I can turn the test to an online test, is there any application I can use to provide automated result and correction after each test?

Your help will be highly appreciated

Hi Francis,

I can imagine that your working conditions are very challenging indeed.

Gibbon does not offer online testing, and the CAT tests are infact owned by a private company, so we could not implement them without infringing on their copyright.

If you want to bulk import results, you can do so under Admin > System Admin > Import From File, and then looking at the Formal Assessment section.

Good luck!


For automated tests I suggest you have a closer look at Moodle. I don’t use it personally tho.