Canvas LMS Integration

This thread is for discussing the possibility of integrating Gibbon with the Canvas LMS.

I have played out some basic starting points here:

Please make any suggestions or comments that might be of interest.

Also, discussion of feasibility would be most welcome.



For starters:

Features are listed in decreasing order of importance, budgetary constraints will determine how many features are implemented.

  1. Automatic user migration into Canvas
    Gibbon → Canvas

  2. Calendar integration
    Gibbon ↔ Canvas

  3. Messaging integration
    Gibbon ↔ Canvas

  4. Courses migration-names of courses, content would be handled within Canvas
    Gibbon → Canvas

  5. Grades migration back to Gibbon
    Gibbon ← Canvas

Link to Canvas API:

DId anyone make any headway on this? I might be interested as well.