Canvas LMS and Google Domain Integration


Is it possible to integrate Gibbon SIS with Canvas? What I would really like to do is to set it up so that when a student is enrolled and a username is generated and email is generated for our Google domain, that it automatically creates a gmail account with that username. I can’t figure out how to get that integration to work even though I have Google SSO set up. Then I’d like to be able to have those users created in Canvas as well. It’s not necessary entirely to have a grade passback between Canvas and Gibbon SIS, but I would like to be able to create users automatically when students are enrolled. Is this possible?

Hi @abarthur While this integration doesn’t already exist, it is certainly possible, given that Gibbon is open source and extensible with custom modules. In this case, it would take some custom coding to setup API calls to Canvas and Google to make these changes. On the Google side of things, the coding shouldn’t be too onerous, given that the Google Client API is already available in the core and all the credentials are stored for SSO purposes. However, hooking into the enrolment process to make this automatic could be a bit trickier, as there’d be some core changes involved. Another way to do it might be a scheduled CLI script that looks for new users and creates their accounts, set to run once per day.

Let me know what your thinking is, and if you’re looking to go into the realm of custom development, and I’d be happy to offer some pointers.

Yikes on bikes. I am decent enough at modifying stuff when I pour over lines of code and play with changing this and that, but I’m not a system admin or full stack web dev person. Is that feasible to build with limited knowledge? Are there any existing modules that could be modified to work? I’m game to try, but I am limited in my knowledge and skillset. I know enough to be dangerous haha.

Is it possible to modify the Moodle module to work for Canvas? I’d really love to be able to take that username generated when a student is enrolled (it already generates a username with our and have that user actually created in our google domain. I’d love for that user account to also be created as a student inside of Canvas and it would be great if enrollments and grades also passed back and forth, but at the very least… enrollments. Also not all of our students are enrolled in courses in Canvas. We are not a traditional private school. Some are just homeschooled “umbrella” students who are not enrolled in any classes. Some are umbrella students who ARE enrolled in classes. And some are just students who are enrolled in individual classes, but are not umbrella students. I’m not sure if that makes sense or not. This is why I went with a customizable option that’s open source instead of a regular school SIS application or SAAS.