Can't Tie Days to Dates

I’ve set up Timetables for all Years (8-12), created Monday - Friday columns for all, created Periods by Row for all, and filled up all Periods with classes.

I’ve tied days to dates for the Year 8 Timetable easily but when I try to switch to the Year 9 Timetable and tie days to dates, I get an error message.

As always, and help much appreciated.

Hello, this is one I’ve not seen before. The processing is done in /modules/Timetable Admin/ttDates_addMultiProcess.php, and the error code should be error1 (you can confirm this by checking the params at the end of the URL on the page with the red error message showing).

The only place error1 can be generated in this script is on line 43:

if ($gibbonSchoolYearID == ‘’ or $dates == ‘’ or count($dates) < 1 or $gibbonTTDayID == ‘’) {

My guess here is that it is the third condition that is being triggered, and you have not checked any dates into which you want to add this day to.

Does this help? Or am I wildly off in my thinking?