Can't Login After Install

After installation, I tried to login with username and password. After hitting enter, it just cycles back to the login page again. Entering an incorrect username or password prompts an appropriate error message. I tried resetting via email, still doesn’t work.


RWY, that is one we have not seen before. Can you let me know what browser you are using (brand and version) and what server software you are using (specifically including your PHP version). Have you followed the Post Install & Server Config part of this page?

Is you system available on the Internet? If so, if you can share login details with us on, we could try to log in and see what we can discover.



If the login isn’t working at all it sounds like PHP isn’t able to create and save a session. Check to ensure your session path exists and is writeable (usually chmod 755). It defaults to your system temp directory, but the exact path can be found in phpinfo (create a page with <?php phpinfo() ?> and look for <code class="CodeInline">session.save_path )

Hope this helps!