Cant install=>Notice: Undefined variable: guid in C:\\wamp\\www\\sung\\installer\\install.php on line 133

Hi All,
On First Screen
i got above Notice
then sumbit

On Next Screen (2nd)
Notice: Undefined variable: guid in C:\wamp\www\sung\installer\install.php on line 217

it cant connect mysql database

My OS Win7
and WAMP Server

Ravi Vare


Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry you are having problems. The first thing to know is that there is an online demo you can try with no installation and complete freedom:

In terms of running on Windows, we mostly run Gibbon on *nix boxes, but it has been run on Windows using XAMPP, but not WAMP as far as I know.

Have you checked that your setup meets the requirements outlined in

Let me know about the config, and we will see how we can help.



Hi Admin,
My Configuration
wampserver2.5- Apache-2.4.9- Mysql-5.6.17- php5.5.12- 64 bit On Win 7 Ultimate

Moodle on same server

Still i have SAME problem. i cant install GIBBON till.


Plz. refer

elaborate ‘Nix Boxes’

Hi Ravi
its short for Unix, though that really means Linux these days, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat etc. I always use XAMPP under Windows, but I suspect WAMPP uses the same components it should work. If I can I will look into Gibbon with WAMPP…

Marcus, thanks for chipping in. Don’t forget *nix also includes Mac…and Android too I guess!


Is this with Gibbon v8.3.00 (stable) or v9.0.00 (dev)? Just setting up WAMP on my Windows VM so I can give it a go. I will get back to you shortly.


OK, seems there was some old code left in there that WAMP does not like. It was not serving any purpose, so I have pruned it, and that will go into the v9 release, Q1 2015.

For now, assuming you are using v8.3.00, please can you open the file /installer/install.php in a text editor. There are three lines that contain the code $_SESSION. Please find these using the search function in your editor, and remove the 3 lines entirely (one line per occurrence). Once this is done, refresh your page, and see if it works OK.

Thanks for flagging this up.


Thanks Admin’
For Database purpose
which is best “Collation”


I will add this to the docs, if it is not there.

Thanks Ross,
for your support.
Finally Done !!!


its my request plz. add ‘Indian Ruppe’ in currency.


You are keeping us busy! Sounds like you are serious about Gibbon. We have a limitation here, which is that we can currently only support currencies supported by PayPal ( Is this a major issue for you? Ross

I think it is code related problem.
Thanks again Ross.