Can't create a linked student record

We are thrilled we found your software.

I manually added a student and did not click the button in the Add Student Enrollment section, “Create a linked student record?”

I am unable to edit the student so they show up as a student.

They are listed as full, they do not have a departure date, and their start date is in the past.

Do I have to recreate the student or is there a way to edit that I am missing?

Hi @criehle welcome to the Gibbon forums. After adding a student through Manage Users, before they show up as an active student in the system, you’d also need to enrol them in the current school year. If you’re using the latest v25 version of Gibbon, this can be found in Admissions > Student Enrolment. This step connect the student to a year group and form group for the current school year, making them active in Students and many other areas of the system. Each student will only ever have one User, but can eventually have many School Enrolments, one per school year they attend. Hope this helps!