Can't choose family or add parents in Student Application form

Hi team,

While filling the application details of a student I can’t choose any existing family or enter details of parents because it chooses the first family created in my system by default and there is no option to modify it in the application form.

Please see the attached screenshot for the same.

How do I change the family? Am I missing something or is there any other way how it is done?

I’m not very sure about what you’re asking here. Anyway, there is a rather new method that has been added.

Maybe it an help you:
People> Students> Manage Applications> Add: Then choose option “Current Family”.

Hi Kiran,

It looks like you are logged in, which connects the application to the current user’s family (a great feature for siblings of returning families). To enter a blank application and select the family, either logout first, or go to Manage Applications and select Add > Blank Application.

Hi Sandra,

Logging out doesn’t help. When I click Application form after logging again it is showing the same family details issue.

Manage Applications and select Add > Blank Application works for me. But I have to do it each time I want to fill a new application form.


Hi Kiran,

To clarify, once you log out be sure to stay logged out, then use the link from the homepage to enter a blank application. Anytime you’re logged in it will attach the application to the current user, which is the expected behaviour. Otherwise be sure to use the Add > Blank Application option.

Hi @vsk !

When you click Add the “Blank Application” is a drop down. The other options are “Current Family” and “Current User”

So you can choose Add>Current Family
or Add>Current User

Hi @ross and @flygye12!

Both solutions given by you guys worked. Thanks!