Let me start by apologising if I am going to ask something that has been tackled before but I could not locate it in the thread.

I installed the Gibbon script via Softalicious, but when I log in on Gibbon it says my username or email has not been set. When I reset, nothing comes to my email address. For the past two days I have been scraping for a solution but I cannot find anything closer.

Also, Gibbon Login page layout is very strange, it shows strings of information with arrows and I am not sure how to fix that (I have attached the page herein). When I enter information it says the page is not secure but I just updated the SSL certificate. I am hoping that someone would be able assist.

Thank you kindly


I think your ability to log in is related to the odd appearance, which suggests that something is wrong with the installation path. The appearance specifically is caused by a CSS file that cannot be loaded. It might be worth trying to do a fresh installation. During the installation, see if the installer appears like the screenshot above, without styling, or whether it appears normally. This would be useful for us to know.



Thank you kindly, I did as you suggested and everything is now working perfectly well. Much appreciated.

Now I am sitting with a challenge of changing the wording of the Cookie Consent message. I would appreciate your kind assistance.

That is great to hear : ) For the cookie message, head to Admin > System Admin > Security & Privacy Settings and you can adjust it there.

Many Thanks