Cannot Login to Gibbon

I have installed Gibbon LMS on Yunohost using the Custom Web App. The installtion was successful, however, I am unable to login to Gibbon. I have used the user/password assigned by Yunohost as well as using Yunohost accounts. But when I try to login, I am reverted back to the Yunohost portal SSO site. Any ideas? Is there a default user account?

Hi Ralph, during the Gibbon installer, you should be prompted to set up an admin account, which then lets you log into the system. However, the redirect seems to suggest that something else is amiss. This is possibly to do with some hosting-specific .htaccess rules. Are you able to check in with Yunohost to see if they might be able to offer support? In addition, we’ve helped others with similar issues int he past, so reading through similar posts on this forum might help. Thanks, Ross.