cannot add roll group

I am not sure what happened, I was able to add roll groups on a test site, then when I went to replicate the steps on a new setup, albeit it was Gibbon 10, I was unable to add roll group getting the message: “The specified record does not exist”. It seems like it is looking to add the roll groups to a default year 2015-2016. Is there a step I am missing to adding roll groups?

Cambo, that is very odd, as in v10 we have had no reports of this issue, but I know lots of people who have been adding roll groups. Was it a clean install, or an update? Sounds like it was a clean install, but just want to check.

Would you mind emailing admin credentials to, along with your Gibbon URL, and I will pop in and see what I can find?

Another option is to upload the /School Admin folder afresh, as perhaps there was a corruption when you downloaded/uploaded the files.

I suspect it has something to do with changing the School year’s. I deleted the year “2015-2016” then added a school year with a different name. I think my problem stemmed from not having a 2015-2016 year. I will try your second suggestion first then if it doesn’t work I will email.