cannot add or delete inside the system setting & school admin

i have installed the latest gibbon into my web
there is no error.
But i cannot edit anything or add anything in admin → system setting and also admin → school admin.
there is no error but nothing happen when i click add or delete.
But, now i cannot log-in. It stated ‘Your request failed due to a database error.’
Really need urgent help here.

Hi Hamiza,

It’s hard to tell exactly what might be the problem. Can you check to see which versions of PHP and MySQL you’re running? If you’re able to gain login access its under System Admin > System Check, otherwise you may need to check your configuration via your server.

Gibbon requires PHP 5.5 or greater, and MySQL 5 or greater. The full requirements and installation instructions can be found on the support page:

You could also check your PHP error log, an error may not display on screen but could still be logged by the server. The location of the error logs depends on your type of server.

Hope this helps!

hi sandra,
here is the details

i have gain the login access, after i installed it for the first time.
yes, i’m using the latest version of gibbon.
the error appear today.

Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Server type: MySQL
Server version: 5.6.38-log - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
PHP extension: mysqliDocumentation curlDocumentation mbstringDocumentation
PHP version: 5.6.30

need help.

@hamiza Could you check the error that has been logged with Apache and share here we see what may be generating it?