Cannot Access Gibbon On Xampp On Windows Remotely On Same LAN

Hello Ross/Sandra,

I have successfully setup Gibbon on a Windows 10 machine using XAMPP but the problem is accessing the application from another machine on the same LAN. I am able to get to the login page but icons and images don’t load, only texts and textboxes. Also, when i try to login, the URL on the remote machine on the LAN changes from the IP of the server to localhost thereby connection terminating with error: “localhost refused to connect”.

can you please assist?

Hi delasi,

The first issue sounds like it may be file permission related, perhaps check to see that the themes/Default folder allows access (often 0755 for folders and 0644 for files).

The second issue could be related to how your Base URL is setup in your System Settings. If it’s set to localhost in your base URL, perhaps change this to the IP address instead. Otherwise, perhaps there are there redirection rules setup in your htaccess or local network that could be causing the redirect.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot Sandra. Had this problem for quite a while now. Now its solved. :smile:
Just had to change the base URL and the ServerName in apache’s httpd.conf to the local IP of the server. Worked like a charm.