Can Supporting Staff 'In/Out Punch' themselves? (Attendance)

Hi Ross and All,
I install Gibbon successfully on WAMP Server (Win7).

I have Some Supporting Staff.
Can they Attendance (In / Out Punch) themselves.
Date and Time use which is created by System.

Admin can see whole month report of any staff.
How many hours they worked?
(and can calculate his/her salary)

Is it possible with GIBBON?

Thanks In Advance.


Ravi, at the moment this is not possible, and given our limited resources, unlikely to be implemented soon. Sorry! However, if you have the resources to get some programming hours, you could have someone build a module to do this work. I would be happy to liase with them and teach them how to get a module started. Ross

Right now, Supporting Person consider as student. then problem will be solved at some extend.
Actually, i am not technical person. but i can take responsibility of ‘Documentation’ at my best level.

Ravi, that is one solution, but ti might cause other issues. Thanks for your help offer to produce some documentation. Do you want to do a sample page (just in Word or a Google Doc), and then I can host it on Once we establish a working pattern, I could look to give you edit rights to the website. Thanks, Ross.

Hi there.
Is this possible in version v25.0.01?
Can Supporting Staff ‘In/Out Punch’ themselves? (Attendance)