Can parents register studens via email?

Hello everyone.

I have just starting using Gibbon. Seems to be a very useful and very well thought out system. We need to be able to let students (or their parents) register themselves for courses via web. Is this possible? I have searched the web and looked through the installed system for a while but, even though I found a registration form, I do not find the way to publish it.

If this is possible, must the student/parent be previously registered in the system or this could be a completely brand new registration?

Thanks so much for any leads.


Im sorry about the title. I did not mean “via email”, but “online.” Tried to fix the title, but apparently it is not possible.

Hi guischarf, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

The student application form can be enabled through Admin > User Admin > Application Form Settings, then turn Public Applications on. This will add a link to the application form to the front page of Gibbon, which lets new parents (or students) register. Once they apply you’ll receive a notification, and can you find the application in People > Students > Manage Applications. Here you can edit and/or accept it, which adds their enrolment and creates users & family details in the system.