Can make lesson plans but not unit plans

When clicking a class and selecting Planner, I can make Lesson Plans (when I click “Choose Class”, all classes for the entire school appear and I can choose the correct one), but when I try to make a Unit Plan, there are no classes at all that appear under “Choose Class” - it’s just blank. Any ideas?

Gorgeous! Thanks so much. Worked like a dream. Ticket closed. Boom.

Hello. The issue here is that by default teachers have access to the action Unit Planner_learningAreas, rather than the more powerful Unit Planner_all. This means they need to have one of the following roles in the department that the course they wish to work on is located within:

  • Coordinator
  • Assisstant Coordinator
  • Teacher (Curriculum)

Hope this helps.


That’s the most effusive response I’ve seen in a whole. Love it ; )