Can edit student

Im getting Your request failed because your inputs were invalid. when trying to update a students name

Your Apache/PHP logs may give you more details. :wink:

Not seeing any errors there

Can you send the url of the from after submitting showing the error message?

Not sure what you mean. Url of the form?


Could it be that you tweaked the code? “&search=Name” looks weird to me.

Can you repeat leaving the search field empty?

I took out the students Real name and replaced it with ‘Name’ I didn’t tweak any code though.

How would i leave the search field empty? I’m trying to modify a name, when I get the error that I mentioned I copied the URL

If you open /modules/User Admin/user_manage_editProcess.php and search for “error3” you’ll find three places where this can occur:

  1. Line 363 - missing required field
  2. Line 383 - non-unique fields
  3. Line 512 - custom field uniqueness issue

If you edit this file and set each return to be unique (e.g. error3a, error3b, etc), then you can tell exactly which kind of issue it is.

Thanks! Ross

Line 2 change to error3b
The resulting message is now ‘unknown Return’

Seems you have multiple users with the same username. You should be able to fix this manually e.g. using phpMyAdmin. :wink:

No username with the same name. I know I can make changes manually with phpMyAdmin but I think messing with the database from a school admin level will be problematic

Sorry no multiple user name

Can you send your modified file /modules/User Admin/user_manage_editProcess.php?

That is odd: as Roman says it sounds like the username you are trying to use is in use elsewhere, or you are setting a studentID that is already in use. Do either of these sound likely?

Don’t worry about “Unknown return”, as now that we know where the error is being triggered, you can undo the changes to user_manage_editProcess.php and it’ll go back to the way it was before.


Can you send your modified file /modules/User Admin/user_manage_editProcess.php?

Thanks guys it was the duplicate student ids