Calculate Teachers' Salary based on the Classes they teach


Is there any current functionality in Gibbon, or Module, or planned functionality, that allows the calculation of Teachers’ salaries from the Classes they teach, and a given fee per hour or per Class?

Thank you!

Hi Ricardo, this is one of those features that is beyond the functionality of Gibbon because it will be so specific to individual schools. In each of the schools I’ve worked with they all have different salary scales and none of them are based on classes taught. You can, however, get the number of classes a teacher teaches quite easily with the Query Builder, and could use that in a custom query to calculate their salary. There is a place in Staff > Manage Staff where you can then store their current salary number, should you wish to.

Hi Sandra,
Thank you very much for your answer.
I understand it is a very non-standard topic.
I will explore the solution you suggested and build some blocks to get the final numbers.

Warm regards