By Mistake Remove All Rights to Adminstrive USer

Dear Support Team,

By Mistake, I have removed all Rights from Adminstiver Admin User, how can I have reset again.
from which table?

Reset By phpmyadmin table (gibbonPermission)

Hi vishalr,

Oops! :grimace: Yep, you can reset this with PHPMyAdmin, if you open the gibbon.sql file in your Gibbon root folder, search for the INSERT INTO gibbonPermission `section (line 2834 on v20). Copy that whole SQL command all the way down to the semicolon, then change INSERT to INSERT IGNORE. This will allow you to add all the missing permissions that admin normally have, and ignore any of the ones that already exist. It will also add default permissions to other users, if you don’t want that, you’ll have to manually remove the lines that don’t have 001 as the second value.

Otherwise, if you happen to have a backup of your database, grab all the permissions from there and re-insert them with the INSERT IGNORE trick.

Hope this helps!