Bulk delete

Is there a way to bulk delete users?

marleymusic, in our experience it is not a great idea to delete users, and they may return to school at some future point (e.g. returning employees, students who become parents, etc), and you may not want to lose student records. For this reason we have never implemented a bulk delete for users. Can you explain your use case, so we might learn more about what you are trying to achieve?

I created some user and the usernames ended up too long for some students because of the length of their names which I used as the username.

Is there a way then I can clear the database of existing users and reimport with different usernames without reinstalling ?

Yes, you could use a mySQL client, like phpMyAdmin or DBeaver and access the database directly. Delete all records from the table gibbonPerson. You might end up with some orphan records in other tables, depending on what you have already done in the system, but it should work.

Thanks I got it done