Bulk Data Upload


I would like to know, how do i upload bulk data in Gibbon, when I take on a new school.


Hi Jonathan,

There’s some built-in options for importing Users, Families and Student Enrolment under User Admin, and timetable imports in Timetable Admin. The school I work for also had lots of data to bulk upload when starting out, if you check out the Data Admin module on the Extend page you’ll find it has a wide range of bulk upload options and has tools for helping upload spreadsheets: https://gibbonedu.org/extend/

Give a shout with any questions, the module is fairly extensible if there’s a type of data you need to upload that’s not in the list :smiley:

Wonderful work you are doing …I love GIbbon and i feel Data admin is an integral part of Gibbon

I would like to know how to upload student application form data in bulk into Gibbon.

Because at my school we collected student information manually and typed it into excel …

thinking it would be easy to import the data into Gibbon with a few easy modifications …

Only to find out we can only upload like four fields …

Please help me sandra …i am directly responsible for the Gibbon project at my school .

Thank you !!!

@Thomascrown There’s no option for bulk uploading student application yet, but we will be more than happy to assist in uploading users and student enrollment.

Thank you very much

Hi Thomas, my understanding is that Data Admin lets you define imports, so you could set up something like this. I believe @ross is out of Internet range at the moment, but I am sure she will update you on this when she returns to action in a week or so. At current I am also on the road, and not using my development machine, so I can’t test this out and give a reply at the moment…

However, why import application forms, and not just go straight on to import users, families and student enrolments? You can do all of these under Admin > Manage Users. The following guide may be of some use in this:


However, if you do want to email me your Excel sheet on support@gibbonedu.org I can show you a trick to build SQL statements from your data to run your own import

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your feedback! I was indeed out of internet range, with camels and sand dunes and all that :smiley: How have you made out with your imports so-far?

The Data Admin module uses an extensible YML format for defining imports so it would certainly be possible to create an import for the application form. Depending on what your data looks like it may make more sense to import the users/families/etc separately as Ross mentioned, but if you’re keen to import the whole application form as one data-set I should be able to put together & share the YML file for this sometime in the next week.