Bug: Rubric Colour missing

Hi Gibbon-Team, Gibbon Community,

i found something interesting in the markbook. The Pie Chart in Markbook > Rubric > Visualize has no colours in a different Language.

English Version:

German Version:

Thanks :slight_smile:

This does indeed look like a bug, thanks for the heads-up! I’ll check it out and get back to you.

Hi @ub123,

This has been fixed for v19, you can see the change here, which can be applied back to v18 as needed. https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/c0adc9b97215c009c397ab01409db948c163f48d

It turns out the decimals in the RGB colour were being encoded with a , instead of a . which caused the chart script to render these as solid grey. Thanks again for catching this bug!

Thank you Sandra! :slight_smile: