Bug in v25.0.01

Hello there.
There is a bug in new version v25.0.01.
In admin > System Admin > Security & Privacy Settings in column “Allowable iFrame Sources”.
You can’t edit this page.
Temporary fix is comment line 48 /public_html/sis/modules/System Admin/privacySettingsProcess.php.
//‘allowableIframeSources’ => ‘required’,


Hi @calx After updating your files for v25.0.01, did you also run the database update via System Admin > Update? There is a line of code that should have added this setting.

Yes i did.
I think this is only happen on fresh install.
If you do upgrade it works fine.

Thanks for the heads up, my apologies for the wait. I’ve investigated the issue and can confim that it’s an unintentional bug with v25.0.01 which only affects new installs. It can be fixed by running the following SQL on your database:

INSERT INTO `gibbonSetting` (`scope`, `name`, `nameDisplay`, `description`, `value`) VALUES ('System', 'allowableIframeSources', 'Allowable iFrame Sources', 'A comma separated list of domains that are allowed in embedded iFrames. All others will be removed from HTML content.', 'youtube.com,youtu.be,m.youtube.com,google.com,docs.google.com,drive.google.com,vimeo.com,player.vimeo.com');

The next full Gibbon release will be v26 and we’ve fixed the issue in this version. Thanks!