Bug in Reports Module

We used the reports module and it worked out excellent; all of the parents were able to see the reports via email.

However, all of a sudden we are unable to access student reports from their “profiles” and the only way to see a report is downloading all of them by grade level – it’s very strange.

The error message we get is: Your request failed because your inputs were invalid.

Thank you!

Sounds unusual! I wonder what might have changed to cause this error. Some steps for troubleshooting:

  • What version are you using? Have you upgraded the version recently? Did it work before, but not after the upgrade?
  • Have there been any changes to the server itself, such as file permission changes, or a migration.
  • Does it happen for all reports, or just a specific report?
  • If it’s just a specific report, has the report itself been deleted in Reports > Manage Reports, which may leave some records orphaned?
  • Has anyone changed or removed the settings in Reports > Manage Archive, which controls the path where files are saved.

Hope one or more of these steps helps to identify the issue.