Bug in Admin on Fresh Install

I installed Gibbon on Ubuntu today but was unable to open System Admin. Someone else mentioned the same issue and that the error was related to checkUploadsFolderStatus.

I found the systemOverview.php under /gibbon/modules/System Admin/ and commented out the offending check.

// Uploads folder check, make a request using a Guzzle HTTP get request
    $statusCheck = checkUploadsFolderStatus($session->get('absoluteURL'));
    if (!$statusCheck) {
    $uploadsCheck = Format::alert(__('The system check has detected that your uploa
ds folder may be publicly accessible. This suggests a serious issue in your server config
uration that should be addressed immediately. Please visit our {documentation} page for i
nstructions to fix this issue.', [
        'documentation' => Format::link('https://docs.gibbonedu.org/administrators/
getting-started/installing-gibbon/#post-install-server-config', __('Post-Install and Serv
er Config')),
    ]), 'error');

After doing that, the page loded correctly.

Edit: It is because my server is behind Cloudflare. GitHub - matancohen365/cloudflare-middleware: Bypass Cloudflare (Middleware For Guzzle)

Hi @ciphermenial welcome to the Gibbon community. Thanks for sharing the solution you discovered, and the probable cause. Would you be able to share the PHP error text, as this could give me an idea of how to check for this exception and handle it more gracefully in the code. Thanks!

I discovered it from this post: System Admin page process indefinitely