Buddhist Calendar

Our school in Thailand is evaluating Gibbon. We want to use the Thai Buddhist calendar, because the Gregorian calendar is not usually used in Thailand. Is there any way I can make Gibbon use the Buddhist calendar? Is there a locale for this? I can’t even trick Gibbon into accepting the year 2564 (ignoring wrong weekdays in the date picker), Gibbon doesn’t accept the year 2564.

This is an interesting question and I wish there was a better answer! Unfortunately, I suspect it wouldn’t just be a change of interface, but also all the database fields, which are ingrained with the gregorian calendar. This is likely a more massive change to the architecture than it may seem at first, and with our limited resources we wouldn’t have the capacity to make these changes to the core. You’re welcome to checkout the codebase if you have the inclination to try and make the changes yourself: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core